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“Personality disorder” is code for “trauma survivor”

What is a personality disorder? A personality disorder is an inherent pattern of behavior driven by an intense need for attachment, fear of abandonment, and inability to adapt to changing situations and circumstances. It’s characterized by a pervasive negative world view, black and white thinking, and instability in interpersonal relationships. The Cluster B personality disorders, characterized… Continue Reading

Good Mental Health in all areas of life 

The whole purpose of Good Mental Health is to share what I’ve learned as I’ve traveled the path of finding “it”- good mental health- for myself. Sharing the lessons from a scary childhood and the non-existent self esteem it caused, the body image issues, the anxiety, the depression, the hopelessness, the relentless pursuit of perfection,… Continue Reading

Love is always the answer

Last night, twenty years ago, my husband asked me to marry him.  It had been raining for a week; a long, cold, dreary rain as winter struggled to turn into spring.  We were in our final semester of college. We had a lot on our minds-like finding jobs and applying to graduate school; wondering how… Continue Reading

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